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The villa, built in traditional moorish style, is 340 square meters, over two floors. On the main floor there is a big, open kitchen- living area, two bedrooms, bathroom and powder room. On the ground floor you find two bedrooms, one bathroom and a big hallway where we have a biljard table and dart. On the ground level you also find the yoga studio/gym. Two bedrooms have two single beds, while two bedrooms have a double bed and one single bed. A total of ten persons can sleep in the villa.

There is wi-fi and good mobilphone coverage.

The kitchen, with its three meter long island, is the perfect social gathering spot, and great for many people cooking together. The kitchen is fully equipped.

From the living area doors open to a huge terrace with sunwarmed pool and barbecue/outdoor kitchen. There are several other outdoor seating areas.

The property is a total of 30 hectars. Feel free to explore the land and go for a walk through the vineyards and orchards.

We are off grid

The electricity and hot water on the cortijo is solar powered. The solar power facilities were upgraded in 2022. Solar power means that the sun heat the solar panels, that loads the batteries. When there is no sun, no electricity will be stored. After dark, or on a rainy day, the electricity you use is from the batteries. When the batteries are empty, there will be no electricity untill the sun starts loading the batteries again. However, we have a generator as back up, but might still ask you to be careful with electricity on the few rainy days we have in this area.

Via an app, we can at any time check how much electricity is available.

Please have this in mind and be conscious about the use of electric appliances when staying with us. During daytime, you can normally use as much electricity as you need. After dark, you need to be more careful:

  • Use the dishwasher during daylight.
  • You can use the oven for a few hours in the evening, but not after a rainy day (check with us first).
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

We cook on gas. The huge fire place is used for under floor heating during the winter. We don´t have air condition, but there are powerful vans in all bedrooms. The pool is not heated.

Our water comes from the mountains and is very clean. It tastes good, and we also have it tested regularly (required because of the wine production) so we know it is healthy to drink (in fact, better than the bottled water!).


We have a small self-serviced shop/pantry on the ground floor (7-11), where you can buy basic groceries, in case you missed the shops or arrive late.

We have bocca and a wide selection of board games.

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