Winery - Almond Farm - Alpujarras, Andalucia Spain
Sierra Nevada, 3482 Meters of Elevation in the background

Red Wine made Natural with no added Chemicals or Removed

Location & History

Alpujarra, this is the historic place where Muhammad XII, the last sultan of Granada also called Prince Boabdil, the last moor that ruled in Andalucia finally ended up with his people, after he made a truce with the Spanish king Ferdinand.  That, after he and his soldiers had been fighting the overwhelming northern Spanish Army.

It was the year of 1492 and subsequently a few years later he and his people eventually went back to Morroco from Andalucia were his people had ruled for 700 hundred years. This was the end of the Islamic ruling in southern Spain where Granada was last to surrender.  More from 

The  Cultural department made a law 2008 that all the dwellings should be as authentic as possible from this era in the Alpujarras. All the villages and farms are really authentic.

Granada is one of the last recognized DOP wine regions in Spain. The  Junta Andalucia has endorsed the region for 6 years and has made a Wine Route, Ruta de La Vino.     
The vineyards enjoy the unique microclimate due to the location in the Alpujarras between the Mediterranean and the mighty Sierra Nevada with an altitude of 3480 meters.

Very few Wineries are just 30  minutes from the beach in Andalucia, the high altitude of 1050 meters makes it suitable to grow high-quality grapes with a minimal use of pesticides. We are also organic and certified by

The 30-hectare farm is comprised of grapevines, almond, fig, and olive tree plantations.

The vineyards have roughly 10.000 grapevines (Chardonnay, Syrah, and Tempranillo)

We have also plantations of roughly 1500 Almond trees, 600 Fig trees, 40 Olive (oil) trees.

Bodega Cortijo el Medico means  "The Doctors Winery and Farm", the word Cortijo means it is a farm situated in Andalucia. See it on
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From 2006, old main house and old farm building in the background, pitched roof allowed back then, but not since 2008...

Main house with the winery in the background 2017....Now it is reverted back 500 years into these Moorish rural style buildings.