Winery - Almond Farm - Alpujarras, Andalucia Spain

Sierra Nevada, 3482 Meters of Elevation in the background

Red Wine made Natural with no added Chemicals or Removed

About us...

We, a married couple, have been living in Norway, Sweden, Australia and Now Spain. Maja is a locksmith and florist. She has a great knowledge of flowers and plants in general. My self, Kristian, has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years  in different  roles (manager, sales, engineer and security) within Data Storage Systems for big companies. 
We have a son in his thirties who has a  young family and is working for a big IT Company in Sweden.  We got the opportunity to start a new life in Spain 2005 when we bought this farm. The plan was to build a small family run Mountain bike and hikers  hotel resort in the mountain.

But when the 2008 financial crisis emerged, we decided to do something else and found out that the  Andalucian government wanted to start to build up a wine industry in the Granada mountains,  a new DOP. A newly recognized  area of winemaking,  in very south in Spain.

So a few years later it came out incentives with low price licenses in order to support local landowners to change crops from Almonds to Grapevines. So we worked very hard to build up our farm from ruins and planted 2 vineyards of 4Ha.

We built up a winery - Bodega from scratch and it has been very hard work, and now finally the summer of 2019 we can sell our own handcrafted organic natural made Red Wine....
But, we do white for the local market as well.

We have 4 big dogs, 2 cats, and 5 chickens, Jose Gamboa, an artist that volunteered helping out on the farm illustrated our family..

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