Winery - Almond Farm - Alpujarras, Andalucia Spain
Sierra Nevada, 3482 Meters of Elevation in the background
Red Wine made Natural with no added Chemicals or Removed

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We are a Norwegian and Swedish couple who make our wine from our own young  vineyards on the farm. The grapevines were planted 2011 and 2014.  We are proud that we manage to produce a good quality Natural Made Red Wine. We also have Almond and Olive production....
This is the historic place where Prince Boabdil, the last moor that ruled in Andalucia finally made a truce with the Spanish king Ferdinand.  That, after he and his soldiers had been fighting the overwhelming northern Spanish forces and later had to move to the  Alpujarras.....
 In this region, there are a few winemakers using the old traditional elaboration of RED WINE and ROSE WINE, as it was made in the old days when chemistry still was in its infancy. Although the old Romans used chemicals like Sulphur dioxide, SO2 (Sulfate)....
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  1. For Sale!
    For Sale!
    August 2019
    Do not miss this opportunity to buy this organic natural wine start-up winery. With a little bit of work, it can be a Yoga and Pilates Retreat as well. It's located in a tranquil area with views that calm your body and soul. Very few Wineries are just 30-40 minutes from the beach in Andalucia, High altitude makes it possible!
To  grow our  Almonds, Olives, Figs, and Grapevines as natural as it is possible. The very few Chemicals we are using is Certified by Agrocolor, our organic certifying organization. 

Also to make Natural Red Wine with no added Chemicals.  
We are off the grid  in order to have as little carbon footprint as possible.